Team Based Practice and Competition

  • Athletes will be apart of the first traveling competitive golf team in Mid-Missouri
  • Practice, train, and compete with “Wanted” Golf Teammates
  • Team based golf aids individual athletes by creating a positive, competitive environment that not only fosters motivation, but holds players accountable.
  • Team sports promote inclusion and a sense of “Wanted-ness” to instill a positive growth-mindset which increases the future success of athletes, not only in sports, but life in general
  • Playing and practicing with other “Wanted” athletes allows our athletes to create lifelong friendships and memories
  • High School and Collegiate golf is centered around a mixture of Team Golf and Individual Golf … the Wanted Golf program is designed to directly reflect this model and prepare our athletes to compete in both areas successfully

Individualized Coaching and Training

  • “Wanted” golfers will receive direct, one on one instruction from an Elite Golf coach through many mediums
  • Personalized coaching means placing our athletes on an improvement plan that is best for that INDIVIDUAL … the goal of Wanted Golf Coaches is to enhance individual golf swings rather than force every golfer into the so-called “ideal” golf swing
  • Athletes will be tested for strengths, weakness, and physical abilities to create the best plan for success
  • Individual Instruction will be provided directly in person, through online instructional videos/articles, remotely through collaborative slow-mo video applications, indirectly through practice plans
  • Statistical analysis, launch monitor feedback, and reflective practices will be used to create and adapt improvement plans to continue to grow each “Wanted” golfer …. People grow and change, our coaching will with you

One-on-One Fitness and Nutrition

Our athletes will receive direct coaching on how to improve their overall wellness through proper nutritional practices and fitness routines
Fitness routines will include both physical and mental training: strength, endurance, flexibility, psychological strength, reflective practice, positive growth mindset strategies, and mind-body connection practice
Instilling healthy lifestyles for our athletes now leads to better performances in future competitions and higher quality of life and state of mind later on in life
The greatest athletes in the world focus on improving both their physical and mental ability … we will model this training and emphasize the importance of the mind-body connection for elite level golf
Athletes will receive golf specific fitness instruction and workout routines to target “weak spots” that cause biochemical issues in the golf swing

Fitness coaching will be delivered in person, through online instructional videos/articles, via communication platorms with personal trainers, and group training led by experts

“Wanted” Community and Positive Environment

  • The main goal of the Wanted Golf Program is to promote the PERSON within each of our athletes
  • Our personable and team based approach to the game of golf will create a positive community for our athletes that promotes growth, inclusiveness, and camaraderie
  • Using the core values of golf, the Wanted Golf program will foster characteristics into our athletes that will aid their future endeavors and ambitions … in all areas of life
  • On the surface, golf appears to be for the isolated individualistic athlete … in reality, golf is one of the most community driven sports that has resulted in a worldwide network for personal and business relationships.
    This is why the Wanted Golf program approach is to foster individuals through the emphasis of a Team.